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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Purpose of this blog

     The Blog is what it says it is.  I will be writing reviews on the books I have read in the past so you will know what books you should think about reading and what books you will know to definitely pass on.  You may be asking, "So what genre of books do you read?"  I read books on christian living, thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, basic fiction, and random subjects I get curious about.
     This is the structure of what the reviews will be like.  First I will write a summary of what the book is about (without giving away too much information).  Then I will give a description of some of the characters.  Then tell you what I thought was good and what I thought was bad about the book.  To me there is four main qualities in a story: plot, character development, writing style, and your emotions you feel while you are reading.  At the end of each review I will give a grade for each of these qualities and a final overall grade.