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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Jesus I Never Knew

by Philip Yancey

The Jesus we were told about as a kid in Sunday School is quite different than the one in the gospels.  That is how Philip Yancey begins this wonderful and though provoking book.  He goes through the whole life of Jesus and dissects it one piece at a time for a better understanding of who Jesus is and why Jesus's life played out the way it did.  From the time of his birth to his ascension Philip Yancey gives insights on all of it.
After reading this book you realize that Mr. Yancey has read a multitude of books in his lifetime.  In The Jesus I Never Knew he uses the gospels as his main resource while using his knowledge he gained from these other books to support and understand better the who, the what, and the why.

As Humans we have questions.  In know I had questions about the life of Jesus.  I have people ask me questions at work about God, Jesus, and the Bible.  A lot of them I honestly can't answer.  Philip Yancey questions a plethora of things too.  That is why, in my opinion, he is such a good writer.  After reading this book quite a few of my questions were answered or at least better understood.

Questions like:

  • Why was Jesus born at that time?
  • Why did Satan tempt Jesus the way he did?
  • Why doesn't God come down and show his power to make people believe in him?
  • Why did Jesus pick such sub par disciples?
  • Why did Jesus leave so soon after his resurrection?
  • What do the beatitudes and sermon on the mount mean?

All these questions and more may be answered or at least more understood after reading The Jesus I Never Knew.  So if you want to know more about Jesus and why he lived the life he did and have a better understanding of his teachings, read this book.  I loved it so much I'm putting it at my #2 spot on my favorite non-story books.

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