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Saturday, March 17, 2012


by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker

     If you don't know I'm a big Frank Peretti fan and I'm not a big Ted Dekker fan, but they co-authored a book together.  Since it is still partially written by Frank Peretti I still wanted to read it.  I'm still torn on whether I like it or not.  It leans more toward horror genre than what I'm used to reading Frank Peretti, but it made me think of myself in a different way.  It made me realize how ugly my sin is to God.  After I finished the book it took me three days to process the story and process how it applied to my life.  I'm a sponge when it comes to outside influence.  I soak up emotions in stories, movies, and from other people.  I was quite depressed those three days.  I'm still glad I read the book even though I didn't like how it made me feel afterwards.  I feel it helped me in life.
     This story starts out with a bickering married couple going to counseling.  Through some interaction with a police officer they are given directions to the town they need to get to which takes them down a scary dirt road.  They have some car trouble and seek help from a nearby inn that is run by some no so courteous hillbillies.  After they have some dinner the tin man shows up and closes all exits from the inn and makes them play his game.
     There are eight main characters in this story.  The first couple you meet is Jack and Stephanie.  Jack is a introvert who keeps things to himself and writes novels for a living.  Stephanie is an aspiring country singer who isn't afraid to give her opinion.  The second couple you meet is Randy and Leslie.  Randy is self-centered egomaniac who gets a little gun happy at times.  He also runs a chain of hotels and restaurants.  Leslie is an analytical psychologist who suppresses her emotions.  Then there is Stewart, Betty, and their son Pete who are the hillbillies who run the inn.    Lastly there is the tin man who just wants everyone dead at the end of the game.

Plot - Good plot overall, in some places it had more terror than other Frank Peretti books,  probably due to Ted Dekker co-authoring - A
Characters - Good characters, but I felt character development wasn't great,  I didn't get attached to the characters as much as some other books I've read. - B
Writing Style - Good writing style, easy enough to read for just about anyone - A
Emotions - Terror is not really an emotion I want to feel.  I can see why they wrote the book they way they did, but I didn't feel "good" after reading it.  I didn't feel much of any other emotion other than relief at times. - C
Overall - The book was good but not great.  I don't think they could have made it much better other than maybe a epilogue at the end of how the characters are doing down the road.  Like I said before, It took me three days to sort this book out in my head.  - B

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